Let Orotena install WordPress for youOrotena provides useful technology for your business by delivering WordPress installation services as an optional add-on to all our web hosting packages.

If you are new to web hosting using WordPress, the initial installation of the WordPress software can present a bit of a learning curve and take time that you might rather spend working on your business.

Right up front though, I’ve got to say that most people with moderate technical saavy should be able to successfully install WordPress and the learning experience will be worthwhile as you’ll become familiar with way WordPress does things. This will pay back when you come to create the content and change the look of your site.

To help you with this, we’ve curated a bunch of resources that you can use to help you with that learning curve. These resources are up to date and are from reliable and respected sources. You might want to take a quick look at them to get a feel for what is involved when installing WordPress.

Head on over to smallbusiness.orotena.com and browse the articles.