If you are looking for a reliable and friendly WordPress hosting service you’ve come to the right place. We take the hassle out of getting your website up and running smoothly on WordPress. We manage the technology, allowing you to focus on your message.

Let’s step back a bit though and understand what WordPress is. WordPress is free software that allows you to create a web site. Anyone can use the software but it has to be installed somewhere. WordPress can be installed on your laptop so that you can learn about it and play around with your website ideas but that isn’t suitable for running a website that customers will be able to access. You need to have WordPress installed on a computer that is connected to the Internet and available 24/7. That’s where managed WordPress website hosting comes in.

Get much more than a bare cPanel account when you get managed WordPress hosting from Orotena. We include WordPress installation, automated daily off-site backups, 24/7 uptime monitoring with SMS alerts to our support staff, monthly health checks that include software updates, and compatibility checks that ensure that your site is working efficiently and securely.

In addition, we are available to provide advice on how to build your web site and how to choose plug-ins and themes. Really, you can ask us anything and if we don’t know we’ll do our very best to find out.

Your managed WordPress website will be running on fast servers using the latest Solid State Hard Disks in a secure data centre in Sydney or Melbourne.

Just starting out
per month
Best when you aren't sure what you need

WordPress Installation
Weekly automated off-site backups Retained for six months
Hourly Uptime monitor w/SMS alerts
Monthly health check and plugin update
Space quota: 5GB
No. of e-mail accounts: 10
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Migrate an existing site
per month
Good when you need more space for your site, more frequent monitoring, or more frequent backups
WordPress Installation
Daily automated off-site backups Retained for six months
Five minute uptime monitor w/SMS alerts
Monthly health check and plugin update
Space quota: 15GB
No. of e-mail accounts: 20
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